Spending Meaningful and Beneficial Time with Your Senior During National Sewing Month

Elder Care in Zebulon NC: Spending Meaningful and Beneficial Time with Your Senior During National Sewing Month

Elder Care in Zebulon NC: Spending Meaningful and Beneficial Time with Your Senior During National Sewing Month

September is National Sewing Month. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend quality time with your aging parent, while also stimulating their mind and boosting at their emotional health. As a family caregiver, the care you give to your parent should be about promoting their health and well-being as a whole individual, which means managing their physical, mental, and emotional needs at all times. Finding ways to spend quality time together, engaging in creative activities, and making memories promotes better cognitive functioning, support, and motivates your parent to take better care of themselves as they age.

Let these ideas inspire you for ways to spend meaningful and beneficial time with your senior during National Sewing Month:

  • If your parent enjoys doing cross-stitch projects, choose a pattern to work together. Look for something that is meaningful to your common interests or memories that are meaningful to both of you, and divide up the pattern so you each work on parts of it. If you’re senior is struggling with low vision, make sewing easier for them with a lighted magnifying screen that will illuminate their work surface, and make the fabric and stitches appear larger.
  • Take old clothing such as t-shirts and baby clothes, cut them into squares, and use them to create a family memory quilt. This can be particularly meaningful as a way to memorialize a lost loved one, such as if your parents still has the clothing from their partner. Use a fabric marker to write on each square what the fabric is from so it can be a meaningful keepsake for generations to come.
  • Find a charitable organization that accepts handmade items, and work on them together. Creating items such as hats or blankets for preemie babies, those going through chemotherapy, or even shelters allows your aging loved one to feel as though they are making a meaningful contribution to the world around them, and making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Work on gifts together for the upcoming holiday season, or other occasions such as birthdays, the birth of children, or weddings. Creating a meaningful gift will allow your parent to feel connected to their loved ones, and give the recipient something to cherish for years to come.

Of the many customizable services available to your aging parent through elder care, one of the most beneficial and meaningful can be companionship. An elderly home care services provider can be a treasured source of emotional support, conversation, and company so your parent does not struggle with feelings of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection. This supports better mental and emotional health, and encourages more activity and engagement with the world around them. In turn, this promotes a higher quality of life and improved physical well-being. As a family caregiver, knowing your parent has access to this companionship can dramatically ease your stress, helping you to feel more at-ease, and secure in your parent’s health and lifestyle even when you are not able to be with them.