How Can You Keep Vision Problems from Causing a Senior’s Fall?

Home Care in Rocky Mount NC: How Can You Keep Vision Problems from Causing a Senior's Fall?

Home Care in Rocky Mount NC: How Can You Keep Vision Problems from Causing a Senior’s Fall?

Vision problems are only one of several fall risks, but they carry a big impact. If you’re trying to help prevent falls for your elderly family member, these tips might help her.

Make Eye Exams a Priority

Eye exams are one of the most important factors in diagnosing eye diseases early and spotting changes to her vision. Your elderly family member might not enjoy going to the eye doctor, though, or she might feel as if it’s a pointless endeavor. Encourage your aging family member to take these appointments seriously and to keep up with them. That way you can identify changes as quickly as possible.

Use Contrasts More Often

When someone is experiencing low vision in particular, contrasts can help significantly. This means using colors that stand out against each other, such as black and white, to make the edges and the differences more obvious. This might be helpful on stairways, for instance, by using neon-colored masking tape along the edge of each step. That way the stair edges are much easier for your senior to distinguish.

Double Check that Lighting Is Bright Enough

Having even slightly brighter lighting in your senior’s home may also help. The light may seem plenty bright to you, but what’s important is that it’s bright enough for your senior to be able to see well. Test out the lighting with your aging adult at different times of day. That can help you to figure out where you can start to make improvements.

Try Motion Sensors on Lights

Motion sensors might be the best tool yet for an elderly family member with vision issues. Often your elderly family member has enough going on and having to fumble for a light switch just adds to that list. Motion sensors turn the light on for her automatically as soon as they sense her movements. This allows her to focus on what she’s doing and not have to worry about turning on any lights. They’ll also turn the lights off for her when she leaves the room.

You may also want to consider hiring home care providers for your aging adult. This can take some of the pressure off of her, especially when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and getting around the house safely on her own. They can also show you tips that can help your elderly family member to be able to feel safer, even with diminished vision.


Kathy is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) who is active in several other senior related organizations, including Alzheimer’s State Champion program, Friends of the Northern Wake Senior Center board member, Ambassador for the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce, Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), Health Affairs Round Table (HART), and Senior Information Networking Group (SING).