Seniors Helping Seniors® North & East Raleigh In-Home Care Services

Our in-home senior care starts with a clear understanding of who you are and what we can do to make your life a little easier and a little brighter. Whatever services you need and whenever you need them – for yourself or a loved one – we think you’ll discover that having assistance from a warm, caring, and dedicated senior caregiver can make all the difference in the world.

Our caregivers at Seniors Helping Seniors® North & East Raleigh are – friendly, compassionate seniors who know the challenges that come with aging. We provide assistance to seniors all over Raleigh and Eastern North Carolina.  From Raleigh to Wilson, Franklinton to Clayton, Wake Forest to Smithfield, and all points in between we can help you or your loved one. Learn more about our offerings below, or contact us today to get started!

 Around the House


Our caregivers enjoy friendly conversation and companionship when providing care for a fellow senior, as much as, the senior receiving care does. Regular interactions with a kind, friendly caregiver can help lift a senior’s spirits and keep them mentally active and engaged.

Light Housekeeping

We can assist with light housekeeping services that include cleaning kitchens, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning interior windows that can be reached without a ladder, organizing closets and drawers, and general tidying around the home

Cooking & Shopping

If you’re only in need of a little help, you and your caregiver can prepare meals as a team or go to the grocery store together. If you’re in need of more assistance, your caregiver can go to the grocery store and cook meals for you on their own.

Pet Care

Pets can be extremely important to a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Nevertheless, caring for a pet can become more challenging with age. Our caregivers can help ensure that pets are getting the attention they need to stay healthy and happy; by feeding pets and taking dogs on walks.

Light Handyman Services and Small Repairs

Our in-home senior care services can include the tackling of simple handyman projects and minor repairs. If a particular service is beyond what our caregiver can handle, they may be able to give some insight on what’s involved and the type of service person to contact.

Yard Work

While fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for a senior’s outlook, too much yard work can become taxing. Our caregivers can assist with mowing, weeding, and other outdoor projects. Seniors can participate to whatever degree they are interested and able.

Medication Reminders

Adhering to any medication regimen prescribed by their doctor is extremely important for seniors. While our caregivers do not administer medication, they can provide reminders, read labels, and assist in opening packaging for seniors.

Mailing Letters and Bills

Staying on top of correspondence becomes more challenging as we age. Our caregivers can help get cards, letters, and bills in the mail as requested by a senior.

Safety and Fall Prevention

Falls can be very serious for seniors. Our caregivers look for potential tripping hazards and other injury risks when they visit a senior’s home and can make corrections or recommend that a service provider is contacted.

Shout out to Seniors Helping Seniors East Raleigh and Kathy Jordan Uveges for running a company that has been Life Changing for our family.
— Jamie S.

Out and About

Escort to
Appointments & Events

Getting out to visit with friends, attend events, or keep appointments is great for a senior’s mental, emotional, and physical health. When a senior is unable to make trips on their own, our caregivers can provide transportation to things like doctor visits, beauty salon or barbershop appointments, social functions, family gatherings, etc.

Running Errands

In addition to grocery shopping, our caregivers can run a variety of errands including dropping off mail at the post office, getting prescriptions and other necessities at the pharmacy, picking up dry cleaning, shopping for pet food, and more. You’re always welcome to ride along if you’d enjoy an easy, enjoyable trip around town!

Outings and Trips

If you are wanting to get out and about for any reason, our caregivers can provide transportation to and from a destination. We can take a trip to a park, catch a movie, enjoy a concert, or even just go on a nice, casual cruise around town.

For Family Caregivers

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Caring for a loved one with memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be very challenging and can result in burnout of even the most devoted family member over time. Our caregivers are trained in how to recognize the different stages of these conditions, manage difficult behaviors, and keep family members and healthcare providers up to date on the senior’s condition

Long-Distance Check-Ins

For family members who live a long distance from their loved one and are unable to visit them often, our caregivers can connect with them on a regular basis to provide updates on a senior’s physical health, cognitive condition, and overall wellness. We give you access to our specialized caregiving application called “The Family Room” which allows families, loved ones, and professionals to see notes from your personal caregiver and leave notes for them as well.

Overnight Stays
and 24-Hour Care

There may be times when a family member needs around-the-clock assistance. Loved ones with advanced dementia or those who are recovering from surgery or other debilitating condition can benefit from 24-hour care delivered right in the home. Our in-home senior care services offer highly trained, trustworthy senior caregivers​ to assist your loved one whenever they are needed. We are available every day of the week, and every hour in the day, even overnight. That includes 24-hour care if needed.

Respite Care

Caring for a senior family member is very rewarding, but it can also be mentally and emotionally draining. Taking time away to “recharge” periodically is one of the best things family members can do for their relationship with a senior. Your senior loved ones also benefit from respite. Introducing a new caregiver provides the mental stimulation that keeps a mind sharp. Yet the professional caregiver will ensure your family member’s routine stays intact. We provide in-home respite care that gives family caregivers a break from caregiving. Our senior caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can receive respite services on a regularly scheduled basis, or for an occasional need, such as travel out of town, vacations, or other unplanned but unavoidable situations that may arise. Giving yourself the gift of respite makes everyone better caregivers because it can recharge you physically, emotionally and spiritually

Home Hospice Care

The time may come in a senior’s life when the focus turns from cure to comfort. If you’re in that situation, Seniors Helping Seniors® North & East Raleigh can provide support to the hospice care your loved one is receiving. Many people believe home hospice services provide around-the-clock care. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Often, hospice services offer an hour or two of care per day, plus a weekly check-in by a nurse. And some hospice programs won’t accept patients who don’t have a full-time caregiver at home. Our experienced senior caregivers can provide companionship and respite care. Here are a few of the services we offer:

• Emotional support
• Companionship
• Housekeeping
• Reading aloud
• Respite for family caregivers


Our experienced senior caregivers can be your voice when you are not there. Senior environments like doctor’s offices, assisted living or nursing homes can be busy places. It is easy for your loved to get overlooked and not get the attention they need and deserve. You would love to be able to sit with them all the time, but this sometimes just isn’t possible. Our senior caregivers have been there with their loved ones and our clients. They will be there when you can’t, listening, asking questions, and voicing concerns that you would have if you could be there. To keep you informed, we have the exclusive Family Portal that allows you to log on to your private domain and see notes from the caregiver on what has happened.