Can Senior Care Help Protect Your Parent from Extreme Heat?

Senior Care in Rocky Mount NC: Can Senior Care Help Protect Your Parent from Extreme Heat?

Senior Care in Rocky Mount NC: Can Senior Care Help Protect Your Parent from Extreme Heat?

As spring warms up and the summer months loom, you are likely thinking about ways you can protect your aging parent from the potential dangers of heat. Elderly adults are more vulnerable to heat, and can suffer very serious health challenges such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Heat stroke is a medical emergency that can be fatal if not addressed quickly and properly. The safeguarding of your parents and their health during times of high heat are extremely valuable part of your caregiver efforts. One of the best decisions you can make in the situation is to start senior care for your parent.

Some ways senior care can help protect your parent from extreme heat include:

  • Helping your parent to select appropriate clothing that will keep them cool, comfortable, and safe. Clothing should be loose-fitting, lightweight, and lightly colored. Covering as much skin as possible can also help to protect not only against the heat, but also the humidity that can lead to discomfort and even damage the skin.
  • Ensuring your parent uses their air conditioning system properly. Many elderly adults turn down there air conditioner in an effort to save money. This care provider can encourage your parents understand the critical importance of air conditioning, and make sure the system stays at an appropriate temperature throughout the season.
  • Encouraging your parent to stay properly hydrated. This care provider can make sure your parent has access to cool water at all times, but can also help your parent understand fluid restrictions as associated with any health problems they may have.
  • Helping your parents choose and prepare cooling, refreshing, and nutritious foods for meals and snacks. Foods that can be eaten cold and that have a high water content are particularly beneficial during times of high heat. Not having to cook food also prevents having to use the oven, which can just further heat up the house.
  • Identifying when your parent is struggling with high temperatures, and making sure to get them somewhere that is cool and safe. This can be as simple as going to the mall for some window-shopping, but can also include transferring them to a cooling shelter if necessary.

Bringing in senior care to assist your aging parent can be one of the best decisions you can make for them. A senior care provider can be there with your senior on a schedule that is right not just for their needs, but also the level of care you already give them. This means your senior can pursue a lifestyle that is as independent and fulfilling as possible, while also addressing their challenges and needs in the ways are right for them. Services will be tailored to your senior’s specific needs, ensuring most importantly that they are aging in place safely. As their caregiver, this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that they have everything they need both and when they are with you, and when they are not.