Elderly Care Focus: Personal Hygiene and Bathing

Elderly Care in Wake Forest NC: Elderly Care Focus: Personal Hygiene and Bathing

Your role as a family caregiver will put you in the position of making many decisions for your parent. You want to ensure that they are always getting the highest quality care and everything that they need to manage their individual needs and challenges, as well as to support their pursuit of a lifestyle that is independent, active, and fulfilling as they age in place. This may mean considering whether they may benefit from starting elderly care. Understanding the highly personalized services available through this type of care can help you to make the decision that is right for your parent.

One service that is often particularly meaningful and beneficial for both an elderly adult and their family caregiver is assistance with personal hygiene and bathing. For many seniors, mobility challenges, balance problems, arthritis, and other such issues can make bathing one of the first limitations that they experience. Even if they are able to be independent in other areas of their life, they may no longer be able to safely bathe on their own. This can be emotionally difficult for your senior and leave them in the uncomfortable position of having to accept help from you. For some seniors, the thought of an adult child helping them with something so personal and sensitive as bathing can be devastating and embarrassing. An elderly care provider can ease this situation.

A care provider is a neutral professional who can assist your parent with bathing in ways that are respectful and dignified, helping to ease the discomfort of the situation. Because they are also skilled in transferring and supporting seniors, they can be a tremendous benefit if your parent is not emotionally uncomfortable with your help, but may require more physical assistance that you are capable of giving. This means that your parent can enjoy staying fresh, clean, and healthy while staying safe and maintaining their emotional well-being.

Elderly care can be a wonderful way to help your parent enjoy the highest quality of life they can throughout their later years. An elderly home care services provider and be with your parent on the schedule that is customized not only addressed to their needs but also to the level of care that you provide to them on a regular basis. This means that they have consistent access to care, support, and assistance that is personalized specifically to them, their individual needs, beliefs, opinions, and goals. Through these highly personalized services, the elderly care provider can help your parent to maintain better health and well-being, keep their mind active, and encourage as much independence as possible. Not only will this help them to live a more fulfilling and beneficial lifestyle, but it will also help to ease your stress and allow you to focus on other elements of your life.


Kathy is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) who is active in several other senior related organizations, including Alzheimer’s State Champion program, Friends of the Northern Wake Senior Center board member, Ambassador for the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce, Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), Health Affairs Round Table (HART), and Senior Information Networking Group (SING).