How Prevalent is Dehydration for Seniors?

Elderly Care in Zebulon NC: How Prevalent is Dehydration for Seniors?

Elderly Care in Zebulon NC: How Prevalent is Dehydration for Seniors?

Dehydration is a serious issue. Experts estimate that a large majority of the people throughout the United States are currently living with chronic dehydration, meaning that they consistently do not have enough of the water that they need to fulfill their regular functioning. As a family caregiver, understanding how prevalent dehydration really is for seniors and the danger that it can cause can help you to recognize the importance of making sure that your senior gets the hydration that they need on a daily basis.

Nearly half of seniors who end up admitted to the hospital after being seen in the emergency room show signs of dehydration in their tests. This demonstrates just how common this issue is. Unfortunately it can also be extremely dangerous.

Some of the complications that can be caused by dehydration include:

  • Tendency to faint or pass out
  • Increased risk for blood clots
  • Increased risk for kidney stones
  • Fatigue
  • Low blood pressure
  • Weakened pulse

There are many reasons that elderly adults may be more susceptible to dehydration than younger people, such as:

  • Mobility issues that make it more difficult for them to access water throughout the day
  • Cognitive problems that make it so that your parent does not understand their need to drink water, including not being able to interpret thirst signals
  • Health issues and medications that can cause them to lose water more rapidly

Having an elderly care provider in the home with your parent can make it easier for them to get the hydration that they need regularly. Reminders, careful meal and snack selections, and keeping your parent’s water bottle filled can be valuable in keeping their hydration levels healthy.

Starting elderly care for your aging parent can be a fantastic way to enhance their quality of life and encourage them to maintain a lifestyle that is as fulfilling as possible as they age in place. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a fully customized schedule that is designed around not just their needs, but also the care that you give them on a regular basis. This ensures that they get the level of care that they need and deserve while also ensuring that you have the time that you need to focus on other obligations in your life. The highly personalized care that your aging parent can receive will be specifically tailored around them as an individual, allowing them to be happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable throughout their later years.


Kathy is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) who is active in several other senior related organizations, including Alzheimer’s State Champion program, Friends of the Northern Wake Senior Center board member, Ambassador for the Rolesville Chamber of Commerce, Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), Health Affairs Round Table (HART), and Senior Information Networking Group (SING).