Senior Nutrition Wake Forest NC

Senior Nutrition Talk and Assessment

Senior Nutrition Wake Forest NCSeniors Helping Seniors® of North & East Raleigh present Senior Nutrition Talk and Assessment

Seniors Helping Seniors® of North and East Raleigh partnered with the Northern Wake Senior Center in Wake Forest on 1/31/17 to present a discussion of “Nutrition and the Senior Adult” and to provide a free nutritional assessment. Did you know?

  • 25% of elderly adults are at risk for malnutrition
  • Inadequate nutrition =>weight loss which can cause other complications
  • Inadequate Calcium in a Senior leads to an increased risk of osteoporosis and a lack of calcium in the diet can lead to a condition called hypocalcemia, leading to muscle spasms
  • Increased levels of Sodium can increase blood pressure, this can lead to risk of cardiac disease.

The discussion presented ideas for Seniors on how to maintain a nutritionally complete diet which is the foundation of good health. Some excellent tips provided included:

  • Choose lean proteins
  • Drink plenty of water for good hydration
  • When selecting, choose whole grains over processed grains
  • Limit sodium intake
  • Consult a doctor or dietician to help create a diet that is nutritionally complete

How do we determine if our nutrition needs are met? There a few options:

  • See your Dr. or healthcare practitioner
  • Speak to a Registered Dietitian
  • Take an Assessment: Nestle Nutrition Institute’s MNA (Mini Nutritional Assessment).

The good news is that the latter is now available in a self-assessment format. Go to the MNA® forms page and scroll down until you see the link for the Self-MNA®.for older adults and caregivers, and follow the instructions from there. If the assessment reveals issues or concerns contact your doctor to discuss. And remember, if you belong to a group that would benefit from a presentation on this important topic and a free nutritional assessment. please contact Seniors Helping Seniors of North and East Raleigh at or call 919-761-5346.

Also, the North Wake Senior Center is located at 235 E Holding Ave, Wake Forest, NC 27587. It provides a full slate of programs and activities for Wake Forest’s senior population. Join Senior Helping Seniors® of North & East Raleigh who sponsors Bingo the first Thursday of every month at 10:30 am, including this Thursday, February 2.

Dementia Friendly Movement Wake Forest NC

Dementia Friendly movement in Wake Forest North Carolina

Dementia Friendly Movement Wake Forest NCWake Forest leader in Dementia Friendly movement in North Carolina

As our population ages the number of people affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia (for a description of dementia and Alzheimer’s see the previous post) continues to increase. While people with dementia may eventually end up homebound or in care facilities, most spend years living in their communities, going to places of worship, stores, banks and restaurants and encountering law enforcement and medical workers

Better preparing everyone from waiters to police officers to support them and their caregivers is the goal of a growing movement for “dementia-friendly communities.”  Dementia Friendly America® is the nation organization that represents a multi-sector collaborative on a mission to foster such communities.  Visit their site here:

Wake Forest is one of the first communities in North Carolina to pursue the “dementia friendly” designation.  Through the auspices of the Senior Information and Networking Group – Wake Forest (SING-WF, website, the community has begun the four-phase process to build and maintain an environment that supports those with dementia and the caregivers that support them.  These four phases are identified as: Convene, Engage, Analyze, Act.

Phase I is well underway in the Wake Forest Community with a series of informational and training sessions that have been held at the Renaissance Center for SING-WF members and the general public.  These sessions have laid the groundwork for subsequent phases and provided training in the dementia friendly process and certification.  The idea is to ‘convene’ individuals in the community and engage them in increasing their awareness and providing them a toolkit to build the dementia friendly community.

Next up is beginning phase two of the process where sectors of the general community are invited to participate and learn how they can become a part of the initiative.  Targeted sectors include:

  • Memory Loss Supports and Services  
  • Banks and Financial Services  
  • Neighbors and Community Members
  • Independent Living
  • Communities of Faith  
  • Care Throughout the Continuum
  • Businesses
  • Emergency Planning and First Response   Legal and Advanced Planning Services   Transportation, Housing, and Public Spaces.

Coming up on February 7, from 8 -10 am at Carillon Assisted Living in Wake Forest, SING-WF will hold a training session for businesses to become certified as a dementia friendly business.  For more information go to the SING-WF web page at:

Seniors Helping Seniors of North and East Raleigh is a member of the SING-WF organization and proudly supports this effort to make Wake Forest dementia friendly.  Please join us in supporting this worthy initiative.